"... the 928 is an impressive luxury automobile... the 928 is not only the fastest Porsche, but also one of the fastest production-built GTs in the world..." Road and Track, 1992  "...in the GTS Porsche still has the best driver's car in the Grand Tourer market..." Performance Car, 1992
(Euro car pictured above )
Introduced mid-year in 1992 as a 1993 model. Displacement was increased again to 5.4 liters yielding the most powerful 928 engine from Porsche - 345HP. Recall that the original 928 engine was designed back in 1971 to accomodate 5.5 liters from the factory - so at model year 1993 there still remained one more displacement increase. If only production had not stopped in 1995! 

The 928 GTS is essentially a further hotted-up version of the '91 - '92 928 GT (note 1), however the shock valving was softened up to provide a more compliant ride. Both the manual and automatic transaxles were refined to handle the GTS' increased power outputs. Rear fenders had integrated flares for a 2.7" wider track (note 1) as the wheel size was now 17 x 9 inches running 255/40 ZR 17's (fronts 225/45 ZR 17's).

A reflective strip was mounted between the tailights which visually reduced the size of the rear fascia as well as provided for an extra safety margain in visibilty for following drivers. 

The Porsche electronically controlled limited-slip continues, as well the ABS option. Brakes were upgraded to a massive 12.68 inches vs. 11.97 previously. Brembo 4-piston calipers squeeze those rotors with authority and the entire setup is coined 'GTS brakes' by enthusiasts - many of whom are busy upgrading their earlier cars to this standard. 

The 928 GTS represents the pinnacle of the 928 series and garners respect in automotive circles worldwide. Price: $80,920.00 (note 1)   

(note 1) Road and Track, July 1992
Year Type HP@rpm  Engine Serial Number  Chassis Serial Number
1992 928 GTS 345@5700  81N00501-00762 or 81N50501-51271 (AT)  WPOAA292xPS815001-0149
1993 928 GTS 345@5700  85P00501-00680 or 81P50501-51258(AT)  WPOAA292xPS820001-0680 or xRS820001-0079
1994 928 GTS 345@5700  85R00001-00617 or 81R50001-51010(AT)  WPOAB292xRS820001-0199
1995 928 GTS 345@5700  85S00001- or 81S50001- (AT)  WPOAA292xSS820001-
 Table Source: PCA's "The Porsche Family Tree"