The Last
Here is the "last" 928 ever made for the public. Porsche made sure to end the series with another controversial car - check out the serious showcar paint (Perlglanz green/yellow) and wild lime and plum leather in. EVERYTHING inside has been leather covered. Thoughtfully, yards and yards of extra material have been included with the car in case of future mishaps. Very notably, the styling appears fresh even though it has enjoyed a run for almost two decades.

Regarding the last 928, here is a story I have heard"An American had special ordered the LAST 928 the way it is now. However, Porsche has a policy, that the VERY LAST production car goes into their own museum. When the customer found out about this he refused to take the car. This would make the lime green one the second last 928 of all, but the last one that the company was willing to sell... " 

The 'last' update 7/97: Well fans, this car is now in the hands of a private owner!  Details are that a son bought it for his mother, who enjoys high performance driving...  So this last publicly available GTS is off the market.  Will we ever see it resurface (other than to periodically gobble up lesser cars) remains unknown.  Hopefully the new owner will contact us with great stories to tell all.  Otherwise, as most owners already know - if you got 'em, hold 'em - there ain't no more coming!