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928 Rennlist- PORSCHELIST!






Porsche 928 WWW board - NEW!  by John De Pietro 



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Learn more about your Porsche and high-performance driving! 


Get the scoop from the Bay Area's PCA group - GGR!   Rallyes, Time Trials, AX, concours, swap meets - all for the Porsche enthusiast! 


PCA Intermountain Region website - UPDATED 
Adamant King, 928 GTS owner and webmaster.  Check out his 928 on the track


Ian Poertner's Porsche Artwork!  --> 

Tony Becker's 928 Page --> 

Dana's 928 Page --> 
(some really cool t-shirt art!) 

From Holland --> 

NEW PAGE!  --> 

From Japan --> 

From the UK  -->  
From Finland  --> PorscheHQ by Timo Pantsari, Porsche Club Finland #353, The most popular Porsche website in Scandinavia!  (new URL -update your bookmarks now) 

From New Zealand --> - The 928 Web Resource Directory! 
Andy Gardner 
Wairarapa, New Zealand 
'83 928S Euro - Security by Doberman 

928 International - 1-714-632-9288 - "Save 50% or more with clean, guaranteed parts from over 100 dismantled 928s" 


AIR - American International Racing (body kits) 1-818-504-2500 


1,000's of parts and accessories for Porsche's only!   Plus links to Porsches for sale nationwide! 

Autosport Designs Inc. (TechArt dealer) 

- custom exhaust systems 

- custom exhaust systems 

NOPI - 10,000's of aftermarket products or call 1-800-277-6674 

CEC Claus Ettenberger Corporation - hot wheels for your hot ride! 

Classified 2000 - Start your 928 purchase search here!  Email based notification... 

Autoweb - search more internet classifieds 
928 Classifieds - 928 parts and cars for sale - free service /  listings! 

Porsche Classifieds - All your favorites! 

And check this out: 

" To:, ... 

" To all, 

" I haven't had a chance to post to the list in several months, but you can advertise 
(and find!)  Porsches and Porsche related items (parts, literature, wanted, etc) in PML (Porsche Market  Letter) for free.  Our magazine comes out monthly and goes to a very targeted P-car audience. 

" Ads need to be to us by Jan 25th to be in the Feb issue which will mail around the 10th of Feb.  You can email them. 

" Thanks and regards, 

Phil Van Buskirk," 

928 Locating & Brokering Service
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 23:31:28 -0400 (EDT) 
From Brian Buxton, Buxton MotorSports!: 



DEVEK Performance - your 928 racing headquarters! Full service dept. also. 

email or call 1-800-598-0693    (click title for NEW website!) 




Leonard Zech's webpage for the Porsche Club of AUSTRALIA! 

My Porsche - a must see for parts, doc's, etc. 

Parts Heaven (new and used 928 parts!) 1-800-767-7250 

PCNA - Porsche Cars North America  Official Website! 


Performance Products   Many exclusive and hard to find parts for your Porsche 


Porsche Newsgroup - see 

Porsche IRC at EFnet #porsche 


928 Page by Douglas Hampton - 928 Registry & GROUP PHOTOS! 


Renegade Hybrids 

Tweeks - Porsche parts 

Wheel Enhancement - Robert Wood, 1-310-836-8908 


928 Performance East - 

Porsche City - 

Keep checking back, always more to come 

Feel free to browse or add your own fav 928 links below! 

My Favorite Links:
2905Norwood 928 Stroker project!
2539Pat's 928 Porsche World
1582jorj7's 928 page
1357Mike Briggs' 928 page
1245Exclusive 928 clothing and accessories
1135Sterling Gee's Norwood stroker S4 !
1101Paul Aguilar's 928 website
1044Chris Ford's 1991 S4
960Matt Preslaski's 1987 S4
787Nice euro-928 racing car (goto: deelnemers.....Jean-Paul van Kol), and more nice pictures of racing Porsches.



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