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Ok, I'm pulling out all the stops now for you all! I'll just keep adding photos until I'm out of disk space then no more... well, I better save some space for emails right?  Especially after the nice article by Matthew McLean in the July issue of Road and Track!  The 928 Owners Club private list is picking up volume with all the new Charter Members and the new site is also doing well. 

In any event this format change should allow me to post graphics faster than before, albeit without  too many comments.  I'd like to repeat my thanks to the many 928 fans who've helped me out with this site by donating funds and technical advice - you are the best! 

Enjoy the photos! 

Graffiks conversions, France
Ultra rare 928 S4 Sport, Angus Fox
More 928 Action Overseas
Mr. Fun goes to Laguna Seca
928 Day at Devek, Aug. 1997
Battlestar      Shark shots  and McGuire's rep with power tools! 
David Hammond (p1);  Jon (p2);  Keith H (p3)
Philip Adamson photos above
Terry Bittner above
  Photos from Ton   
Above:  Red McClintock's Porsche Repair Services  (Hey Annie!)
 From Ed Ruiz's files...  Guess who ^
Joe Rausa, Hershey PA meet
Marc White's Stable, KS
Ray Jang blazes the track
Cpt. Elliot Nowacky lets it rip at Texas
The Clark Kent of Supercars!
What other car can take you to to work everyday,
then add racer numbers and tape up the lights
and do 160+mph without breaking a sweat?
Yup, this is the same car as above on track!
Dave Ohlemacher proves it at the Bonneville Salt Flats!


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