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"Low Orbit" by Greg Schickel, 1998

Ok, ok - THIS will be the final update! What can I say, there's just so many great 928s out there and this volume will have some of the wildest 928 creations ever to hit the streets, as well as super sano collectibles and my favorite driveway shots. Thank you to all who have continued to help support 928s Forever - this page is for you!   Allright, we have uplink to the Porsche mothership so they are listening... Here... we... GO! 

Pirated from 911 & Porscheworld!  Click on the image for more details on this one of a kind issue and magazine! 

  definately not stock!   force fed ba-by! 

  the business end - don't blink!   ahead of it's time... 

  the original w/ update...    often copied, never duplicated 

   heh heh, not what you think :)     KOENIG 928 Widebody scale model by Bob Lenweaver I'm trying to talk Bob into building my Fujimi GT model but with a twist - you'll see later hopefully! 

  a laneshot...    Nagano, Japan, 928 get together!!! 

   Nagano informal 928 show... 

  ... our intrepid Japanese reporter & family!  Arigato! 


  We're not done yet - check out this POWERDYNE Supercharged 928! 

  Powerdyne photo 2   Powerdyne photo3 

  Powerdyne photo 4    the owner remains anonymous, maybe someday a full write up.  But for now - all you wanna' be ponycars had just better watch out for any innocent or not-so-innocent looking 928! 

    unique color!   


   watch this space for a red 928 that's achieved nirvana - it's in hover mode (see photo1)... 
   magic?  or maybe the factory added some options with the 928 cloaking option ;) 
   Hey Brad~  here's your photos!

              factory original '83S w/5-speed 48k mi.

    c'mon - you just gotta' click this shark! 

    look familiar?  more Strosek conversions by Graffiks, France 


Shark of a different variety entirely - how about Patrick's BUILT 383ci mouse 928? 
Purists cry foul!  And yes I stonewalled a might bit before posting this but know what?  There is always more than one (non-Porsche) way to power a 928 and here's one that will smoke just about any other supercar to boot...    More details to follow, I promise! 



How about a "bolt-in euro update" for your S model 928?  Here's a few shots of Mark Kibort's conversion... 

    dyno - might! 


       Steamboat '98 trip 

       nice euro version S4 

    Rent-a-928!?!    Not!   The Dallas Shark get together! 

      Fred's 928 in beautiful Oman... 

My GT gets strapped down and dyno'd at Devek 928 day 1998...  I did A/B testing stock vs.  stage I chip.  Results will be posted to mods section later... 

    WOW!     3 shots of Brad Orr's Euro 

  Product shots?  Nope - actual daily driver!  Impressive to say the least! 


   A Classic in every sense! 


      Well fans, I hate to say this but we've reached the end...  for now! 
  It is my fervent wish that you too may become afflicted with 928-itis 
and find a shark or two or three! to call your own and enjoy.  I repeat there 
will never be another car from Porsche like the 928.  Created during tumultuous 
times for the factory and Porsche family, for sure, the 928 will always stand 
head and shoulders above other cars as unique in design and execution 
and as a testatment to the bold and gutsy determination of this craftsman 
company that we know of as simply "Porsche". 

Enjoy the ride, indeed... 


Marc and Holly bid you adieu...
Phil Tong
928 Owners Club 
Porsche Club of America, GGR


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