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1978 928
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5-speed Manual
304 -- Minerva Blue Metallic / Minervablau Metallic
1978 928 RoW 0437
25 Jun 2018
Minerva Blue Metallic
Black, black/white checker pattern seats.
220543 km at modification date.


Bought in Germany approx 1990.

Imported to Kingston, ON, Canada summer 1996.  Plated and driven.

Stored in Stirling, ON, Canada 1997-2003.

Transported by train to Moose Jaw, SK, Canada 2003.  Stored in Moose Jaw 2003-2007.

Transported by train to Thomasburg, ON, Canada Jan 2007.  Stored in Thomasburg 2007-2015.

Transported by flatbed to Dwyer Hill, ON, Canada June 2015. Sporadic maintenance 2015-2018.  Engin removed, tore down and rebuilt.

Transport by flatbed to Ottawa, ON, Canada June 2018.