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1978 928
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5-speed Manual
265 -- Oak Green Metallic / Oakgruen Metallic
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1978 928 U.S. 1108
Oak Green Metallic


I am listing this old friend for another (human) friend, a recent widow, that prefers working through a third party.

I was also the previous owner of the car. I owned it for several years either side of 1990, then I sold it to the current owner.

I purchased it from a former VP of CBS News, and drove it home from Ojai, CA to DC. It was one of the most memorable drives of my life. i still remember crossing the wide open spaces of New Mexico at the high end of Autobahn speeds. Yes, it will almost peg the speedo (which is in kilometers and the reason it shows 152k km on the odometer), and feel like it belongs there. Of course those speeds truly belong on a race track.

[this is not an endorsement of breaking the law]

It's the first year of the 928...and it has a nice simplicity about it compared to later years for the model. It is a 5 speed manual. And it's fast. Clutch replaced. Runs very well.

The car shows the wear of time and could use some cosmetic TLC. It has had a repaint, but could use some freshening up. It has new tires and runs very well. There are bumps and bruises, but if you measure it's value in smiles per miles, those wear and tear "laugh lines" will soon be forgotten.

I hope someone purchases this amazing vehicle who will truly appreciate it like her just passed owner did. She deserves to be driven hard into the sunset; she's tired of sitting, that's not what Porsches do best.