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1978 928
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5-speed Manual
908 -- Grand Prix White / Grand Prix Weiss
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1978 928 U.S. 0904
Grand Prix White
128000 at modification date.


Hey guys,
I'm selling my '78 928, #9288200914, follow the link to the ad. Found a great deal on 912e, don't judge, so the 928 probably should go. Comes with full tool kit, battery cover, cargo net, spare tire, and jack. I know the pics are pixelated on Kijiji, but I have many better ones I can send through email if you are interested. I'm located on the border of Michigan and Ontario. Prefer calls please, if you can't make it to see the car I can do a video or FaceTime with you.

Some things it will need addressed:

-front cam shaft seal has slow oil leak that drips down onto exhaust
-throw out bearing is starting to make noise
-torque tube bearings are starting to make noise
-paint is presentable, but is faded in some spots.

Car has 204k kms or 128k miles
Pretty firm at 10k cad or about 8k usd