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1995 928 GTS
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4-speed Automatic
700 -- Black / Schwarz
1995 928 GTS U.S. 0068


By: xJWise On: Sunday, 04 August 2013

Transferred from the old Registry 8/4/2013:

Model Year 1995 928 GTS
Production Number 0128
Exterior Color Unknown
Interior Color Unknown
Option Codes Not Available
Transmission Unknown
Last Recorded Mileage 25,273
Last Known Location Winthrop, MN
Owner Contact Information

None Available

Date Recorded 10/22/2005
Mileage Reading:
General Comments:
06/06/1995 30 Minnesota
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Winthrop, MN
Title #C1570G421
Title or registration issued
First owner reported
06/15/1995     Minnesota
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Winthrop, MN
Registered as
personal vehicle
04/02/2004 25,273 Service Facility
Vehicle serviced
11/02/2004     Minnesota
Police Report
Case #043490214
Accident reported
Involving a front impact
with another motor vehicle
Moderate damage reported