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1995 928 GTS
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4-speed Automatic
700 -- Black / Schwarz
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1995 928 GTS U.S. 0072

By: xJWise On: Sunday, 04 August 2013

Transferred from the old Registry 8/4/2013:

Model Year 1995 928 GTS
Production Number 0132
Exterior Color Black
Interior Color Black w/ wood package
Option Codes CO2 - 48 state emissions MB8 - ? XL4 - rootwood center console, door panels and trim inlays w/analog clock XN8 - leather sunvisors XR7 - rear window washer X23 - Gear lever in rootwood X31 - rootwood parking brake lever 139 - heated seat left 331 - CR-1 radio 340 - heated seat right 418 - body side mouldings 513 - lumbar left 570 - increased AC 586 - lumbar right 650 - sunroof 692 - CD changer 980 - draped leather
Transmission Automatic
Last Recorded Mileage 46,000/53,950/54,298,54,428
Last Known Location MA/Sarasota, FL/NC
Owner Contact Information  

Chuck & Tina

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Date Recorded 02/15/2001, 02/14/2005, 12/05/2005, 04/07/2006

04/01/2006 Update:

18" iForged wheels with black centers were installed with Vredestein tires this weekend.  Windows also tinted this weekend.  Interior cleaned and leather conditioned following tint job.  Car is looking better and better all the time.  Mileage reading is now 54,428. 

Red brakes, powder coated intake and cam covers to follow.  

12/08/2005 Update:

Obtained a copy of the records from the original owner.  Copies were sent to me by Ed Pass of Pass & Weiz Porsche in Burlington, MA.  I would consider this car fully documented at this time missing only the original window sticker.  Getting the records confirmed my assumption that Mr. Lerner indeed did take very good care of the car mechanically.

Update 10/23/2005

This is one of the most heavily optioned 928 GTS's I have ever seen.  There were 17 factory options on this car including full leather interior (except dash and console) including the rear quarters, rear ac unit, door panels, headliner, visors (front and rear), even the door pulls and manual door lock knobs and rosettes are leather.  Coolest of all, it has the black wheels and $5k wood package.  Original MSRP was $100,000!  A VERY RARE car indeed!!!!

   My wife and I bought this car from Jaguar of Sarasota, FL in February 2005.  I first saw this car when Mr. Richard Lerner listed it for sale in 2001.  Richard put the first 46k miles on the car after he added the big stereo($40k system), integrated phone, alarm and a LoJack system.  The car was listed for sale at $100k.  Richard sold the car to a Mr. Frank Carr in Sarasota, FL who put 8k miles on it and based what kind of condition the paint was in, he obviously didn't take very good cosmetic care of the car and the paint was severely damaged on the hood and front fenders.  From all appearances, he did take good mechanical care of the car as I have records of a timing belt change as well as all the fluids.  I was able to rejuvenate the paint on the top, rear quarters, hatch and doors. 

I had to have the hood, front fenders, front bumper cover and rear bumper cover resprayed.  The car was disassembled except for the front fenders and professionally painted at Import Paint and Body in Charlotte, NC.  I have pictures to document the process start to finish to show exactly what was painted and to prove the job was done correctly.  In the meantime, I removed what remained of the high end stereo system from the car.  Before we purchased the car, the McIntosh system you see in the pictures had been pilfered.  What remained was the professionally built enclosure, the crossovers, wiring and the MB Quart speakers.   Everything else was gone. 

I spoke with Richard who told me Frank did not want any of the extra pieces removed when the stereo was installed.  So, Richard threw it all away, including the books and records! :-(  I am currently discussing with Pass & Wietz Porsche in MA in an effort to get all the records as I know the car was very well taken care of while Richards owned it.  A friend of mine who works for Porsche says he spent approximately $14,000 on maintenance.  

Now, I am in the process of gathering all the missing pieces and making it a complete car again.  I also bought a console on eBay to replace the one in the car since holes were drilled in it to mount the phone.  I thought about replacing the low end audio equipment that replaced the McIntosh stuff with factory stock units but decided to go with a more stealth aftermarket system since the skeleton that remained was good quality stuff.  We are in the process of deciding what type head unit to go with the sub enclosure and amps that will be mounted in the hatch area where the spare tire normally goes (yes, I actually have the original spare, no cover but I got the spare).  I have replaced the tools, tool tray and some other smaller pieces so far.  I am very pleased with the way the car is turning out. 

The paint looks phenomenal and the interior is in remarkable shape.  I still need some carpet pieces and some other small pieces and then its time to attack the engine compartment.  I have already replaced the hood insulation and the next step is to remove the intake and cam covers and get the powder coated silver.  Other than that, it needs a good cleaning. 

We are looking to either refinish the all black Porsche wheels or replace them (yes, I plan on keeping the originals) with a wheel that has a black center with a polished lip.  We had our hearts set on a set of iForged but they screwed up and made the wheels to fit the wrong Porsche!  IDIOTS!  Beware!

The GTS now has just over 54k miles and on October 15, 2005 it won 1st place in a peoples choice car show at the BMW plant in Greer, SC.  The class included several other 928s (including one original owner 82 model in amazing condition) as well as about 8 944s and one 968.  The first several pictures were taken at this event.  This is a VERY nice GTS!

02/09/2005 Update

My wife and I bought this car from Sarasota Jaguar sight unseen.  It is delivered on 02/21/2005 with a dead battery that is subsequently replaced by Sarasota Jaguar with a new Porsche battery.  Over the next few months what remains of the huge stereo will be removed and a cosmetic restoration and thorough cleaning will begin.  I must admit I have lusted after this car since first seeing it 4 years ago.  Between then and now, only 8k miles were put on the car.


Original cost including an expensive aftermarket stereo was ~$140,000 ($100,000 was MSRP of the car).  Porsche options include beltline leather, wood package and wheels painted to match exterior.  I talked to the original owner when he had it for sale (asking price was $100,000 in 2001) and I later saw it for sale at a couple different dealerships and twice on Ebay, once by the original owner and another time by a dealer in CT.  From Boston, the car went to a dealer in CT and then to Sarasota, FL.