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1995 928 GTS
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4-speed Automatic
Pearlglanz Green Metallic
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1995 928 GTS U.S. 0077
Pearlglanz Green Metallic
Pearlglanz Green/Purple

Pictures are courtesy of Pete Martin of Stuttgart Motorwerks in Hendersonville, NC 

By: xJWise On: Sunday, 04 August 2013

Transferred from the old Registry 8/4/2013:

Model Year

1995 928 GTS
Production Number #47/78
Exterior Color Pearlglanz Metallic
Interior Color Pearlglanz/Purple
Transmission Automatic
Last Recoded Mileage 3,000
Last Known Location FL/France
Owner Contact Information None Available
Date Recorded 01/01/2000
Additional Comments  

This car was built for a buyer who thought he was getting the last 928 GTS built.  When he found out Porsche AG was building the last GTS for display in their museum he backed out of the deal.  Original MSRP was $168,539 and  $184,938 including Lux Tax.  Champion Porsche ended up with the car and sold it to a guy in Florida who bought it for his mother to drive.  Shortly after buying the car he bought her something else to drive. He realized she was driving a piece of history and decided it might be a good investment.  Later the same owner put the car on consignment at Champion Porsche where it sold for $74,000 to an individual from France who reportedly exported it France.

 Hopefully, the car is still in tact with low miles as I would love to buy it.

If you see this car for sale or know ANYTHING about it or its whereabouts, please send me an email:

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By: jmwise On: Friday, 01 January 2021

Pictures are courtesy of Pete Martin of Stuttgart Motorwerks in Hendersonville, NC