The "Moderne" Spyder

The latest 928 Spyder photos! First detailed in excellence magazine, the 928 Spyder (to be officially renamed) is now a reality and can be yours! Please read the following post from Bill Kelley:  
"  Phil, here is an interesting story you might want to put on your site... 

I got a call one day about a year and a half ago from a guy who wanted to see my Carelli <this is Bill's convertible 928>. It was in the body shop  
at the time, so I gave him the address, then dropped by to see what was up. I found two guys going over my car. They asked if they could jack up a corner to test the torsional rigidity. I said yes, and the guy whose name turned out to be Greg jacked up the right front, then opened and closed both doors--an action that 
seemed to amaze him. I assumed they were interested in building a 928 convertible, but it turned out quite different. 

We went to lunch, and Greg, and his friend Jeff pulled out some photos of their car. 

It was like nothing I'd ever seen before. Kind of an alien craft with a 928 interior... 

This was the original Kwok 928 spyder <see excellence magazine>. Jeff had purchased it and hired Greg to re-style it to improve aspects of the design for a street car. They quickly had several hundred thousand dollars in the design, and decided to amortize the costs by manufacturing a limited run of these cars, based on 
16 and 32-valve 928 chassis. 

I mentioned that I have an extensive background in automotive marketing, having introduced the Suzuki Samurai, and been involved in Porsche parts marketing for 20 years. We decided to work together to market this car. 

They drove the car from their R& D center in Wisconsin out to Southern California, where I drove it for a couple of months to test reactions... 
this car is a traffic stopper. People quickly identify it as a Porsche, but when I told them it was based on a 928, they were perplexed. Seems like the 
idea of a 928 without a hatchback is difficult to assimilate. In any case, my input to Jeff and Greg is that this is a car that wil easily meet their sales goal of 150 units per year. 

In the year and a half since I met them, they have made another prototype, on an S4 chassis, further refined the body, reproportioning the front cowl area, and adding side windows and a beautiful folding top that completely disappears under a boot panel. 

Jeff and Greg still do not have a final name for this car (Altier was the last one I'd heard), but they have all of the manufacturing and parts supply arranged for. 

The car is anticipated to sell in the mid-$50K range. 

For more information contact SpyderWerks SpyderWerks 

See also Wingho Auto Classique, Inc.  http://www.928spyder/com/ 

I have enclosed pictures of the spyder and an additional picture of my Carelli. They're all from Polaroids, so I apologize for the quality...  "    
End of post 

Bill - you kidding?  These are some of the best spy photos I've seen of any car!  And this isn't any car but quite possibly the 928 of my dreams!!!  You all know I'm a ragtop man at heart, hell, I don't even need a ragtop if it's this car.  The ultimate roadster.  What the Boxster could've been.  I am in awe of the 928 Spyder and wondering if someday one might grace my garage...  I'd like a nice black one with a red interior, or a blue with black & grey, or ...    Stranger things have happened so you never know!   

Thanks for the shots - here's the rest of them: 



Definitely a Porsche...  I'm already dreaming of dual Borla's with that great 928 V8 rumble that makes every other sportscar owner jealous! 


Gorgeous from any angle!  

I LOVE this car!