Phil Tong's 928s4vr website is no longer active. The site was donated to the 928 Owners Club for archiving and is presented below: 

In memory of Phil Tong Sr., 1918 - 1996


Welcome to 928S4VR - '928s Forever' - this is the latest webpage on Porsche's first water-cooled, front-engined, V8-powered sportscar. The 928 has the distinction of being the very first "clean-sheet" Porsche and was fully Porsche engineered, tested and handcrafted, save for the Mercedes-Benz auto transaxle (which went into a specially designed Porsche housing) for those cars so equipped. 

But I digress - we're getting ahead of ourselves! It's all too easy given our subject matter, the Porsche 928. So relax, shake out those shoulder and neck muscles and get ready to enter the luxurious and exciting world of '928s Forever' !

As there are many 928 variations worldwide, I'll try to include info when possible but the main emphasis here is on US-spec cars. Your suggestions and comments are always welcome also, especially if you've found an error or omission, or if you have additional information to include!

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