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1978 928
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3-speed Automatic
936 -- Silver Metallic / Silver Metallic
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1978 928 RoW 0285
Silver Metallic
Black with Black/White Pascha
56,000 at modification date.

This is my 4th 928 save. It is a Euro model. It is perhaps the oldest auto transmission 928 in the US. It is production number 285 (the first 10 0001-0010 were never used on 928's) and only about 10% of the '78 production run were auto trans cars with the first 600 or so EURO cars before the first US cars were built. With the help of 928 Classics (mechanical, electrical and interior install) Kevin Lacy (paint and body work) and Robert Budd (interior upholstery) this car has never looked better! I say that...as I type this I have yet to look at the car with my own eyes. Only seen it in pics. The UGLY US spec side markers were expertly removed by Kevin and the paint was restored and in places redone so that the car looks near new again on the outside! The interior was pretty shot as was the carpet so Robert Budd of Classic 9 used brand new black/white Pascha material for the front and rear seats as well as the door inserts! He also restored the interior door panels to their new condition. New carpet is also being installed so the interior should really feel like a new 928. Jim Doerr of 928 Classics is overseeing the entire project and installing all the carpet and interior as well as updating mechanical things that need updating and repair. He is also going through the electrical system to be sure it is solid with no bugs as well. I can't wait to get this car in the collection! Nice book ends...renewed '78 and renewed '95 and many other 928's in between those! I LOVE 928's!