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1978 928
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5-speed Manual
936 -- Silver Metallic / Silver Metallic
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1978 928 RoW 0078


This 1978 Porsche 928 was made in May of 1977 before the start of US-spec production and is believed to be the 78th 928 produced. This example is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox and remains in correct european specification. The seller has recently repainted the car in the original silver which shows nicely over black vinyl and Pasha upholstery. The car has 166k kilometers (101k miles) as specified by the original km/h speedometer. This early car lacks the rubstrips and spoiler seen on most later 928s, and is not equipped with a passenger’s side mirror, side markers, or sunroof. The car is said to be in generally good mechanical order with its original numbers-matching engine, though it does have some needs remaining. The seller has owned the car for three years and is offering it with a letter from the Rhode Island DMV in lieu of a title.

When the seller purchased the car, it was painted black and fitted with a spoiler from a later car along with non-standard side markers and rub strips. After taking ownership, the seller returned the car to its original color and removed the spoiler, side markers, and rub strips.  The quality of the paintwork appears to be good, and correct body gaskets have been fitted during assembly. Painted white 16″ phone dial wheels have been fitted along with new tires.

The car was hit in the rear at some point in its past, which left buckling under the B-pillar forward of the rear longitudinal on both sides. The seller had this damage repaired prior to the recent paintwork.  The original repair had pulled the rear of the car out and down, and an incorrect bumper cover was fitted as well. The seller has since straightened the car and installed a correct Euro bumper cover, though some wrinkling is still evident in the spare tire well.

This car was originally optioned with a black vinyl and Pasha pattern interior, though the seats currently fitted are not the originals. A new leather steering wheel and shift boot have been installed, along with a new rubber shift gaiter below the boot. The radio is original and said to be in good working order, and there are no cracks evident in the instrument binnacle or dash. Carpeting in the cabin as well as the dash is new are new, and the hatch and the door and interior panels are free of warping. The car retains its original kilometer speedometer, owner’s manual, toolkit, spare bulb box, first aid kit, and hatch cover. The A/C is currently inoperable, though the compressor is said to spin freely.

The engine is an early 16V unit. The seller has serviced the car with a refurbished fuel system including new hoses, fuel filters and Bosch fuel pump. Also fitted are a rebuilt fuel distributor, warm-up regulator, and fuel injectors. The ignition system benefits from new Beru plug wires, OE-spec Bosch copper plugs, distributor cap, rotor, and new green wire for the ignition. Both the ignition and fuel system have been fully tuned, and the timing belt has been inspected and is in good condition. The front wheel bearings are in need of adjustment. The seller notes a faint noise from the throwout bearing, and that the car could benefit from a brake and shock service

The cooling system has been flushed and filled, the most recent oil change used Brad Penn 20-50 oil. Era-correct intake tubes, hood shocks and air filter are fitted, along with an OE hood pad. The central electrical panel has been cleaned and fitted with new fuses.